Regular yoga classes in Ibiza

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Strong, flexible and happy all year!

Regular yoga classes in Ibiza and Sant Antoni de Portmany, vinyasa, yin-yang and Hatha yoga styles.

Fridays afternoon at 5.30pm · Vinyasa Yoga
in Yoga en Ibiza (Av. Puig d’en Valls)

Tuesdays and Fridays morning at 9.30am · Hatha Yoga
Mondays and Wednesdays evening at 7pm · Vinyasa Yoga
Mondays and Wednesdays evening at 8.30pm · Yin-Yang Yoga
in Biopunt (Ctra. Sant Josep km 19)

Group yoga classes all year in Ibiza town and Sant Antoni de Portmany.

Classes are taught in Spanish, with English translation if needed. A good opportunity to improve your Spanish.


clases de yoga en ibiza

If the class schedule or places do not suit to you, please check private yoga classes

Yoga styles

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a fluid and dynamic yoga where we coordinate breathing and movement (isodynamic exercises), without losing the alignment and stillness (isometric exercises), to reach an harmonic state of union between body, mind and breath.

Yin-Yang Yoga

Yin yoga is an static and meditative yoga that stretches, relaxes and unlocks the connective tissue of the body. We combine this quiet and peaceful yoga with yang movements coordinated with the breath to create a smooth flow perfect for those who seek physical and mental calm after a long day of work.

Hatha Yoga
Classical yoga that helps us improve posture, unblock and extend breathing, release tension and focus mental attention. Much of the enphasis will be the correct alignment, very important to feel the physical and energetic benefits of the postures.

Read more about the different styles yoga styles.

Yoga classes in Ibiza town

Fridays afternoon from 5.30pm to 7pm · Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga en Ibiza, (Av. Puig d’en Valls, 07800 Ibiza). Beautiful, equipped and quiet room, outside of Ibiza, behind Muebles La Fábrica, with space to park. See google maps.

Yoga classes in Sant Antoni de Portmany

Tuesdays and Fridays morning at 9.30am · Hatha Yoga
Mondays and Wednesdays evening at 7pm · Vinyasa Yoga
Mondays and Wednesdays evening at 8.30pm · Yin-Yang Yoga

BIOPUNT center (Ctra. Sant Josep Km 19, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza). Biopunt is an organic food store and natural therapies center with a large and bright yoga room. It is 200 meters from Sant Antoni, on the road to Sant Josep. There is a free parking. (Ctra. Sant Josep Km 19, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza). See google maps.


Monthly rates:
If you are looking for a regular practice, I recommend this option.
Pack 4 classes: €40 (to be used in 1 month)
Pack 8 classes: €60 (to be used in 1 month)
Pack 12 classes: €85 (to be used in 1 month)
Pack 16 classes: €100 (to be used in 1 month)

Drop-in rates:
If you are on holidays or you can not commit to a regularity.
Drop-in class: €15
Pack 5 classes: €60 (to be used in 5 months)
Pack 10 classes: €100 (to be used in 5 months)

All bonus can be used at any time, morning or afternoon, in Ibiza or Sant Antoni.

What to bring

Just comfortable clothes and your motivation!

All the materials we need are available in the room (matts, cushions, blankets, pads, belts …), but you can bring your own stuff if you prefer.

Why to attend group classes?

In group classes we benefit from the global energy, which encourages us to synchronize with the rhythm and the global breathing, helping us to take our practice to another level. We also learn aspects such as companionship and non-competition, understanding that we are all different and unique, as well as we all share common concerns and problems …

Groups are small (max 15 students), which allows adaptation to specific needs. I always offer variations of positions, so that both begginers and advanced practitioners can enjoy the class.

Book your spot:

Contact to book your place or to ask any doubt. / +34 656 68 29 25


«Laura’s classes are simply GREAT. I was told about her classes because they were dynamic and fun and I could not be happier. Thank you very much, Laura!» María, Chandra’s student

«Laura’s classes are great, they have helped me a lot. Since then I love yoga, I feel better physically and mentally, she sends on a lot of peace and serenity. I love them» Silvia, Chandra’s student

«I came across Laura’s classes by chance and I am sure that everything happens for a purpose… I have rediscovered and I have fallen in love with the yoga practice because of her way of understanding and expanding it. When someone tells me that yoga is not his thing because he is very nervous and it is boring… I invite him to try a class with Laura! I love feeling the «fire» of the movement and improve day by day, but always lovingly and without suffering. Namaste» Rosa, Biopunt’s student

«Laura’s yoga classes have been a real benefit and pleasure for me. It’s the way Laura teaches: with great knowledge, patience and lots of attention and love. I experience her classes as dynamic, soft with good attention to breathing and meditative moments, but with a true sense your body has to work for it too. Laura attentively corrects each of her students so you really feel you’re able to grow. When the class has finished I always head home relaxed with a calm and grateful feeling. Thank you Laura. Namasté ♡» Eva, Biopunt’s student

«Me encanta la energía que transmite *mi profe* SI !!!! mi profe, he encontrado por fin después de mucho tiempo, una actividad que realmente me llena, que no me aburre y en la que soy constante !!! Y todo gracias a ella !! Eres un amor baby!!!!» Gina, alumna de Biopunt

«Las clases de Laura son siempre diferentes, trabaja sobre una base de Vinyasa flow dinámica, fluida, armoniosa… donde el cuerpo y la mente se ven beneficiados. Ganarás en calidad de vida y de sueño. Son clases muy terapeúticas y Laura es una persona muy dulce y que transmite confianza y serenidad» Lucía, alumna de Chandra

«Laura es una profesora genial, lleva las sesiones con dulzura y paciencia pero a la vez con intensidad y ritmo. Además es una persona estupenda, siempre con una sonrisa cariñosa que ofrecer. Recomiendo sus clases sin ninguna duda» Mayte, alumna de Chandra

«Descubrí el yoga de la mano de Laura en Chandra Ibiza. Después de un año aprendiendo con ella os recomiendo 100% que no dudéis en probar! Laura es pura dulzura y hace que te enamores del yoga!» Mariona, alumna de Biopunt

«Cómo me gustan los martes, asistir a las clases de Laura me está ayudando mucho, muchísimo!! son dinámicas, terapéuticas, profundas, beneficiosas ya que me ayudan a encontrar la manera de empezar a conectar con mi corazón, con mi alma, hay días que me río, otros me emociono, otros tengo muchas agujetas pero me encanta mi cuerpo se mueve, y mi mente se calma, es la oportunidad de encontrar un precioso camino para conectar conmigo misma y creer en mí, y estar… aquí y ahora… empiezo a querer, empiezo a poder, a pensar… que también hay brillo, mucha luz» Andrea, alumna de Chandra

«Simplemente me encanta, las clases son dinámicas y súper completas!» Carol, alumna de Biopunt

“Me encantan las clases de Laura. Siempre da muchas opciones y variantes con lo que sus clases son multinivel y siempre puedes probar y superarte a ti mismo, sin presión. Sus clases son dinámicas y respetan el estado físico de cada alumno. También me encanta la música que pone para acompañar la práctica” Elena, alumna de Biopunt

“Todas las clases son diferentes , pensadas ,fluidas y llenas de energía. Al acabar la clase tienes sensación de trabajo bien hecho gracias al carácter positivo y cariñoso de Laura que te anima y ayuda a mejorar cada día.” Noelia, alumna de Biopunt