Ibiza Yoga Retreat July 2018

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Yoga and Nature Holidays in Ibiza
With Laura Ruiz and Diego Tello
From saturday June 30th to friday July 6th, 2018
7 days/6 nights
In Casa Solara, Santa Eulàlia, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

¡Third edition! See photos of the last editions

After two wonderful experiences last year on our beloved island, this year we repeat!

We invite you to spend a magical holidays week in Ibiza, the most charismatic island of the Balearic Islands, Spain, doing what you love most, yoga!

We have created a program with a good balance between organized activities and free time to immerse yourself in the powerful energy of the island on your own or with the group, sharing cars.

Dynamic Vinyasa yoga to wake up, yin yoga and soft yoga in the afternoon, daily meditations outdoors, sunrise and sunset excursions, delicious and creative vegetarian food… in a healthy and funny environment.

We will stay in wonderful Casa Solara, a beautiful and authentic retreat center in the northeast of the island, a short drive from emblematic beaches such as Benirrás, Cala Conta or Cala Salada, with powerful energy spots such as Es Vedrà or Atlantis, or unique beautiful natural places such as Punta Galera or Sa Caleta. In addition, we will tell you some secrets, because yes, there are still non-tourist places where you can seek refuge…

You will fall in love with Ibiza.

Do you want to join?

An overview of the retreat…

  • Vinyasa yoga every morning, dynamic and powerful, to have energy for the whole day.
  • Gentle yoga, yin yoga or partner yoga, lighter and comforting, to recover from a long day before dinner.
  • Daily meditations and visualizations to focus your mind
  • Two organized excursions: one to see the sunrise with yoga and breakfast on the beach; and another one to see the sunset, with yoga practice, picnic in front of the sea and meditation.
  • Free time to visit the island on your own or sharing cars.
  • Opportunity to share skills, knowledge and passions and make friends.
  • Vegetarian, healthy, nutritious and delicious food
  • Accommodation in a beautiful and authentic retreat center in the northeast of the island, in shared rooms.
  • Familiar, healthy and funny atmosphere: come alone, with your partner or with friends, and get out with new friends.
  • Small group: no more than 12 people
  • For all levels of practice: from beginners to advanced, I always offer variations of the postures
  • Classes wil be held in Spanish and English
  • The dream holidays to live the powerful energy of Ibiza from your best physical and mental state.


The next program can change depending on the weather and the group.

Saturday June 30th:

3.00 pm Check in
5.00 pm Welcome
6.00 pm Soft Yoga
7.30 pm Dinner
9.00 pm Chakra healing meditation with Solara

Sunday July 1st:

8.00 am Meditation and breathing
8.30 am Light breakfast (tea and fruit)
9.00 am Vinyasa yoga
11.00 am Brunch
5.00 pm Snack (tea and fruit)
5.30 pm Community time
6.30 pm Yin yoga
8.00 pm Dinner

Monday July 2th:

8.00 am Meditation and breathing
8.30 am Light breakfast (tea and fruit)
9.00 am Vinyasa yoga
11.00 am Brunch
5.00 pm Walking route with partner yoga and picnic in front of the sea and sunset meditation

Tuesday July 3th:

8.00 am Meditation and breathing
8.30 am Light breakfast (tea and fruit)
9.00 am Vinyasa yoga
11.00 am Brunch
5.00 pm Snack (tea and fruit)
5.30 pm Asana Workshop
6.30 pm Yin yoga
8.00 pm Dinner

Wednesday July 4th:

6.00 am Sunrise meditation with vinyasa yoga and breakfast on the beach
5.00 pm Snack (tea and fruit)
5.30 pm Community time
6.30 pm Yin yoga
8.00 pm Dinner

Thursday July 5th:

8.00 am Meditation and breathing
8.30 am Light breakfast (tea and fruit)
9.00 am Vinyasa yoga
11.00 am Brunch
5.00 pm Snack (tea and fruit)
5.30 pm Community time
6.30 pm Subtle Yoga
8.00 pm Dinner
9.30 pm Celebration and goodbye

Friday July 6th:

8.00 am Meditation and breathing
8.30 am Light breakfast (tea and fruit)
9.00 am Vinyasa yoga
11.00 am Brunch
12.00 pm Check out


Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word which means synchronizing movement and breathing. It is a dynamic and active practice, combining the fluidity of coordinated movements with the breath (isodynamic postures) with the stillness and the physical and energetic alignment (isometric postures). So we strengthen and relax the body, calm the mind and achieve balance and peace to enter into a harmonic and transformative “here and now”. We will practice Vinyasa every morning to have energy for the whole day.

Yin Yoga

Quiet and meditative style that deeply stretches the body’s fascia, strengthens the joints and opens the energy channels for chi to flow better. Maintaining the postures for a long time (3-7 minutes) we open the body, we release tensions and we cultivate the patience and the peace of mind. We will practice this quiet yoga in the evening to rest and relax before dinner.

Partner Yoga

To give and receive, to help and be helped, to care and let the others to take care of us, sharing, trusting and letting go. A beautiful practice to balance our sender and receiver sides, to look us in the eyes, laugh, play, and feel the connection with the partner from being with oneself.

Subtle Yoga

A meditative practice to connect with our energetic body, beyond the physical body. We cultivate attention and mental focus to feel the energy in the different chakras or energetic points of the body. Energy flows where the attention goes.


One of the focuses of the retreat will be to learn to breathe correctly, in a complete, deep and conscious way, as a key to our health, vitality and happiness. We will apply the teachings of my teacher Carlos Velasco, learning to return to the essence, to natural breathing.


Savasana (corpse posture) is the most important posture of a yoga class, which we use to integrate the benefits of the practice. We will make long and pleasant savasanas after the Vinyasa classes, and guided relaxations to rest the body and calm the mind.


Meditation is a mind training practice that is used to achieve awareness, calmness and mental clarity. We will practice different concentration techniques such as observation of breathing, visualization of positive images or attention to bodily sensations. We will carry out half-hour meditations to start or end the day with gratitude and openness.

Walking route with yoga, picnic and sunset meditation

One evening we will take a walking route, along a path that runs close to a beautiful cliff with pine forest, to finish in a secret place where we will practice yoga and share a picnic. We will return to the starting point to meditate watching the sunset. An excursion to discover the less touristic side of the island.

Excursion to see the sunrise, with yoga and breakfast on the beach

Dawn is one of the most magical moments of the day, which allows us to appreciate the immense beauty of nature and to connect with gratitude. We will get up early to see the sunrise by the sea, then practice vinyasa yoga on the beach and share a well-deserved breakfast. Of course, we will cool off with a bath in the sea.

Community time, time to share

One of the most beautiful things of a retreat is to share with the group and create community. People of any condition, origin, age, yoga level … that come together with the same goal, from their similarities and differences. To spend a time of rest and (re)(dis)connection, to practice yoga, to stop the mind, to take care of theirselves, to share … As an optional activity we offer you a space-time to share those skills, passions and hobbies. Massages, crafts, music, dance, cooking, acroyoga, reiki, therapies … or just chatting by a tea …

Asana workshop

Optional activity for those who have doubts about some positions or want to get some advice to improve or deep in their practice. Open and practical workshop.

Free time

We have designed a program with a lot of free time coinciding with the hours of higher temperature (between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm) to enjoy the house and to visit the island, on your own or sharing cars. We put you all in contact by whatsapp in case you want to share or rent a car. A motorbike is also a good vehicle to move around the area.


Laura and Diego

One bright autumn night the Universe joined the paths of a city girl and a village boy, two free and dreamy souls, who after some time merged their knowledge and passions into a common project, which bear fruits in a personal and professional way.

Our project is to offer space and time to people, so that in their vacations and free time they can reconnect with themselves and with nature, in the company of others who share their same concerns, in a healthy, caring, conscious and happy environment. Laura brings her passion for yoga and Diego his art in the kitchen. We both give the best of ourselves with love, much laughter and full dedication.

Laura is a Vinyasa and Yin Yoga instructor, formed in Barcelona and India, certified IYF and Yoga Alliance, and based in Ibiza. She teaches fluid and rhythmic classes, energetic and intense, soft and loving, suggesting sequences which prepare the body to enter into a deep connection between breath and movement, between body and mind. She encourages each one to explore her own potential and rediscover strength, flexibility, space and inner balance.

Diego studied Hotel Management at the “Escuela de Hostelería de Aragón”. He is not involved in professional cooking, but as a passion. Diego will delight our stomachs and souls with his creative dishes of original shapes, colors and flavors. Vegetarian and delicious food, made and served with the most important ingredient, love.


Casa Solara is an amazing villa in the countryside around Can Guasch-Atzaró valley. It is 5 minutes drive from Santa Eulalia, in the northeast of the island. It is a spiritual and retreat center, surrounded by farmlands and rolling hills, with beautiful beaches a short drive away. To make a retreat at Casa Solara is a honour and a privilege: an extraordinary villa, clean and well-kept in every detail, located in the beautiful campo and run by Solara An-Ra, a woman who shines with her own light.

Casa Solara has an outdoor platform for yoga and meditation, a meditation room and many spots to relax in the open air (chillout area surrounded by countryside, outdoor dining table, gardens with fruit trees …).

It offers 5 large bedrooms (for 1 or 2 people) with stunning views over the hills and orchards (some rooms with their own terrace). Also has a romantic Mongolian Yurt and a Moroccan style bell-tent in the garden, to sleep in contact with nature. The bathrooms are shared, one of them, dry and ecological.

Everything you need to make your Ibiza yoga retreat an unforgettable experience.


How to get there

Casa Solara is about 30 minutes drive from the airport. You can rent a car on your own to get there, or agree with other people to share a car (we will contact you previously by whatsapp).


The food is vegetarian. We make a delicious and careful homemade cuisine, as far as possible with local organic and seasonal products. The essence of our kitchen is to use fresh and natural ingredients, paying close attention to the flavours, colours, smells and textures, which stimulate our senses and nourish us with energy and well-being. Meals are made and served with love and pay attention to the details.

We serve two abundant meals and two light meals daily.

  • a light breakfast in the morning, based on fruit and tea or infusion, for those who prefer to practice without an empty stomach.
  • a deserved and big brunch after morning yoga, which includes tea and coffee, yoghurt, fruit, porridge, bread with jam and other homemade savory delights. A brunch which wil renew us after the practice and will boost us with full energy to visit the island.
  • a snack before the evening practice
  • a complete dinner that includes two dishes and a dessert, with legumes and grains, pasta, vegetables, creams, salads … with a digestive infusion to finish.

Each meal is a celebration of the richness of nature and a way of sharing that will satisfy everyone’s body and soul.

If you follow a special diet or have any food intolerance, we offer variations, please contact us.

Pricing and terms


Early bird price (before April 30th, 2018): 740€
Price for people who have attended any retreat with Laura: 740€
Supplement for double room for individual use: 250€

It is included:

All activities:

  • 6 Hatha Vinyasa Yoga classes
  • 6 gentle yoga classes (yin yoga, partner yoga, subtle yoga)
  • Meditations and visualizations
  • 2 organized excursions: one hike with yoga, dinner and sunset meditation an another one with sunrise meditation, yoga and breakfast on the beach.

All meals:

  • 6 big brunches + 6 dinners + tea and fruit before the morning and evening practise
  • Vegetarian food. As far as possible, local organic and seasonal products. We can adapt to special diets (vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free)


  • 7 days / 6 nights in shared bedrooms (max 2 people), mongolian yurt (1-2 people) or moroccan style bell-tent (1-2 people) with shared bathrooms.
  • Ask the possibility of participating the retreat without accommodation.

It is not included:

  • Flight, transport, or any other concept not specified.
  • During the central hours of the day we will have free time to visit the island (from 12.00 to 6.30 approx). To optimize quality time on the island, we recommend you to rent a car. To have lower costs, members of the group can organize themselves to share cars.


  • To make the reservation is necessary to pay 50% of the final cost, by bank transfer
  • In case of notify non-attendance less than two months in advance, the pay and signal will not be refunded
  • Limited spaces
  • Open to all levels of practice
  • Classes will be held in Spanish and English

Book your spot


Book your spot: 

Contact to reserve your spot or ask any question you have.

laura@inspira-yoga.com | 00 34 656 68 29 25


«The retreat has far exceeded my expectations. You are a great team, in all the senses, all very charming and caring. Amazing yoga classes, very complete, dynamic and different from each other. The food was spectacular, delicious and abundant. Highly recommended!» Olatz, Bilbao (Ibiza September 2017)

«Laura is a lovely woman and an excellent teacher, I have learned a lot these days with her teachings, all prepared with detail and very good sequences. Diego is an exceptional chef and his culinary creations have added joy and pleasure to these days. Highly recommended experience» Giorgia, Barcelona (Ibiza September 2017)

«Feeling pampered, cared and loved, has no price, and in this retreat I have felt it. We all leave with the feeling of having created a new little family. Thanks Laura and Diego for putting all the ingredients to make it so» Mateo, Zaragoza (Ibiza September 2017)

«Diego and Laura demonstrate a great dedication and they do everything from the heart and with lots of love. Pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, very «cool athmosphere». 100% recommended experience» Mónica, Barcelona (Ibiza September 2017)

“I took part in the Yoga Retreat in Ibiza with Laura and Diego and it turned out to be the best holiday of my life. Laura is an amazing yoga teacher: her passion and professionalism transpire at all times. Although I had been practicing yoga for many years, the classes during the retreat opened me in new ways. Diego cooked for us divine vegetarian food filled with love and incredible energy. Both of them showed so much care and love that it felt like being carried in God’s arms. Everything was very authentic and taken care to the detail. I highly recommend it!” Gabriela, Barcelona (Ibiza June 2017)

“It was just all around perfect and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate. I learned a lot and it motivated me very much. It is beautiful to see every element in you, Laura, you are fire, you are flying, down to earth, express your passion, your emotion, which relates to the element water, you are just a good spirit and it made me happy every day to see your smile” Simone, Germany (Ibiza June 2017)

Laura organizes fantastic retreats and teach yoga sessions that nourish your body and you soul!! Thank you so much, Laura!! Sonia, Barcelona (Ibiza June 2017)

“It has been an unforgettable experience !!! Laura and Diego are a wonderful team, it shows that there is a lot of love in what they do and that they transmit to those we have been in. I have come back home renewed and with loaded batteries. Thank you for this great week on your island” Dunja, Barcelona (Ibiza June 2017)

“I participated in Ibiza June’s retreat and it was a great decision. The experience was incredible: Laura not only is a great and kind person, but she is a great teacher: she explains everything with patience and clarity so that postures become better, she helps you and encourages you, and the class just flows. We always came out with a smile, like floating in a cloud. Casa Solara is an amazing place and Diego’s meals are the perfect complement to enjoy this experience. I would definitely recommend it 100%” Marta, Barcelona (Ibiza June 2017)

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