People and projects that inspire me

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Harmony Hannigan
Nayana Yoga
Harmony is an excellent yoga professional and a better person. She transmits her very valuable teachings in a sweet, loving, wise and humble way. In 2019, she will give an Energetic Yoga training in Ibiza, 100% recommended, to learn to improve the communication with the physical and subtle body, to strengthen the intuition and to align ourselves in harmony with the Universal energy.

Diana Naya
Samyama Yoga Ibiza

My teacher and guide in Ibiza. Her classes are pure inspiration and poetry, delicious for the soul and ears. An authentic, generous and creative woman and yogi.

Carlos Velasco
Respiratory Psychotherapy
Psychologist, psychotherapist, naturopath and a master of breathing, he has been working half a life investigating the blockages that restrict the respiratory mechanics and teaching how to return to natural, complete, long, wide, harmonious and pleasant breathing. It is an honor to learn to breathe properly with Carlos, the most energetic and joyful man I know.

SOS Yoga Ibiza
SOS Yoga Ibiza
An admirable initiative to raise funds to help refugees through yoga.

Alejandra Díaz
Om Yoga Spot
My first teacher, who introduced me to yoga and made me love it. Pure love, pure light, pure beauty, pure humility, pure wisdom, pure yoga. Love U.

Yogaroom Barcelona
The school where I did my training in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga. Thank you Amelie Strecker, a great inspiration!

Open Eyes
Open Eyes Project
A different way to travel to India, in a sustainable and responsible way.