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About the group classes

«I love Tuesdays, to attend Laura’s classes is helping me a lot, very much! They are dynamic, therapeutic, deep, they help me to find a way to start connecting with my heart, with my soul; some days I laugh, others I am excited, others I have many laces but I love it! my body moves, and my mind is calm, is the opportunity to find a beautiful way to connect with myself and believe in me, and to be … here and now … I begin to love, I begin to be able, to think … that there is also brightness, a lot of light « Andrea, Ibiza

«I just love Laura’s classes, they are dynamic and super complete!» Carol, Ibiza

«Classes with Laura are simply, GREAT, I was recommended her classes because they were dynamic and fun and I could not be happier, thank you very much, Laura!» Maria, Ibiza

«Classes with Laura are wonderful, they have helped me a lot, since then I love yoga, I feel better physically and mentally, she transmits a lot of peace and fills you with serenity.» I love them» Silvia, Ibiza

“I came across Laura’s classes by chance and I am sure that everything happens for a purpose… I have rediscovered and I have fallen in love with the yoga practice because of her way of understanding and expanding it. When someone tells me that yoga is not his thing because he is very nervous and it is boring… I invite him to try a class with Laura! I love feeling the “fire” of the movement and improve day by day, but always lovingly and without suffering. Namaste” Rosa, Ibiza

«Laura’s yoga classes have been a real benefit and pleasure for me. It’s the way Laura teaches: with great knowledge, patience and lots of attention and love. I experience her classes as dynamic, soft with good attention to breathing and meditative moments, but with a true sense your body has to work for it too. Laura attentively corrects each of her students so you really feel you’re able to grow. When the class has finished I always head home relaxed with a calm and grateful feeling. Thank you Laura. Namasté ♡» Eva, Ibiza

«Very good class and very good teacher! Laura explains very well and step by step, so that you can follow the class comfortably and fluently» Elisa, Barcelona

«I love her classes, soft, harmonious, a prodigious voice that transports you to an immediate state of yoga. She’s great!» Laura, Barcelona

«Laura was my yoga teacher when I started the practice; her patience and sweetness helped me a lot! Thank you very much Laura!» Elisabet, Barcelona

«Arriving at class is… good vibes and a smile from Laura. During class… release, concentration, go beyond, correct, be present… After the class… peace, satisfaction and hungry for more. It’s not just the class, it’s the atmosphere that Laura and the classmates have created! If there were 10 stars, I would put them all !!! « Nuria, Barcelona

«My sister told me: ONLY TRY IT and you will see… and we signed up still we lived very far away. Laura transmits peace and a taste for Yoga that at the beginning is only curiosity but then it becomes a necessity. Thank you Laura for all these «let go wednesdays». YOU ARE THE ONE « Sandra, Barcelona

«My firts yoga class was excelent! Laura is a very good teacher, she cares about the way you do the movements and she is very nice! I want to go back! Marilyn, Barcelona

«An incredible class, highly recommended, incredible teacher, very happy. :)» Eva, Barcelona

«The first time I practice yoga… and I want to repeat!!! thanks Laura you are a great teacher ;-)» Raquel, Barcelona

«I started nervous and I finished relaxed. The truth is that is was very good experience, I want to repeat and Laura helps you rectifying what you do not do correctly. Thank you Laura» Marc, Barcelona

«I really enjoyed the class !! Laura is very professional and passionate about her job. I recommend you to try :-)» Yessy, Barcelona

«Very good class, she explains all time what to do and how to breathe, she helps you to perform the posture if it is not correct …. Thanks for such a kind class !!!!» Marta, Barcelona

«I found my soul that was lost, and I realized that despite the pain I am strong. Thank you, the experience was priceless» Ana, Barcelona

«All my expectations were exceeded, it was a unique experience, and the spectacular color palette in the sky at the end was amazing!» Lola, Barcelona

«Very good experience, the teacher is very kind and caring, as well as she is a good professional, the atmosphere was very pleasant, I will repeat, my best wishes for the project» Xavi, Barcelona

«I recommend Laura very much, she’s great, very caring, she transmits calm but she knows how to add that touch of challenge that helps you go further, enjoy and learn» Neus, Barcelona

«Laura is a great teacher! She is patient, enthusiastic and loves yoga !!» Alba, Barcelona

About the private classes

“Thank you Laura for sharing your wonderful space with me, I only think about Tuesdays … wonderful private lessons, a pleasure for body and mind” Irene, Ibiza

About the retreats and holidays

“I took part in the Easter retreat and for me it was a very nice experience, because I had never managed to get close inside in such a special way, thanks to the activities and classes I managed to connect more with my body and my spirit. Thank you very much, Laura !! María Angélica, Valencia (Easter 2018)

“Deep gratitude to Laura for her generosity, her know-how and her humility.” Maria, Palafrugell (Easter 2018)

“The organization was very good, the program was perfect, active but also giving space to meditate, talk and meet people, etc. Also the structure of the practices was quite good… variety and for me many new knowledge and experiences. In general very positive indeed and I felt that personally it has made me grow. I really liked Laura’s work, she has transmitted the knowledge and practices very calmly, clearly, always humble and with a smile. Mariana, Barcelona (Easter 2018)

“I attended the Christmas Retreat 2018 with Laura and Diego, and the experience was wonderful from beginning to end. The place, the group, the classes, the food, the activities, everything helped to spend a few days very relaxing so I could clear my mind completely. Laura’s classes are a gift for the body and for the soul; In a sweet and soft way, she guides you to advanced positions, always respecting the limits of each one. Both morning and afternoon classes left me with a sweet feeling of fullness, a delight. And what to say about the banquets Diego made? A pleasure for the senses and the palate, the dishes were a delight for the eyes. I am intolerant to gluten, and Diego always had the delicacy of making a gluten-free version, thus increasing his workload, already immense, because we were a large group. My deepest gratitude for it, Diego! Both put a great love in what they do, and it shows in the details, and in the magic that was created in the group from the beginning. Thank you very much for your work, we will meet again without any doubt!” Laura, Madrid (Cabo de Gata January 2018)

“Laura and Diego are pure love and passion, their classes and their cooking. One of the best retreats I’ve been. Thank you! “Arianne, Lisbon (Cabo de Gata January 2018)

“Cabo de Gata retreat has been wonderful to start the year; surrounded by great people and in perfect harmony; in a quiet and beautiful natural space; taking care of ourselves thanks to the wonderful yoga sessions, more dynamic in the mornings and softer in the afternoons; thanks to the always exquisite driving of Laura’s classes and Diego’s excellent culinary work. You both make a great couple and a wonderful team. Thank you!! Miguel, Ibiza (Cabo de Gata January 2018)

“Laura, Diego, thank you very much for everything. When I remember the days I spent with you, I get excited” Salva, Sevilla (Cabo de Gata January 2018)

“Unforgettable experience to start the year with new energy, surrounded by fellow-friends and guided by the amazing teacher Laura” Lourdes, Ibiza (Cabo de Gata January 2018)

“The retreat has far exceeded my expectations. You are a great team, in all the senses, all very charming and caring. Amazing yoga classes, very complete, dynamic and different from each other. The food was spectacular, delicious and abundant. Highly recommended!” Olatz, Bilbao (Ibiza September 2017)

“Laura is a lovely woman and an excellent teacher, I have learned a lot these days with her teachings, all prepared with detail and very good sequences. Diego is an exceptional chef and his culinary creations have added joy and pleasure to these days. Highly recommended experience” Giorgia, Barcelona (Ibiza September 2017)

“Feeling pampered, cared and loved, has no price, and in this retreat I have felt it. We all leave with the feeling of having created a new little family. Thanks Laura and Diego for putting all the ingredients to make it so” Mateo, Zaragoza (Ibiza September 2017)

“Diego and Laura demonstrate a great dedication and they do everything from the heart and with lots of love. Pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, very “cool athmosphere”. 100% recommended experience” Mónica, Barcelona (Ibiza September 2017)

“I spent very nice days sharing a lot of new experiences, super intense and enriching. I came back home with charged batteries. With no doubt it is an experience to repeat” Sandra, Zaragoza (Menorca August 2017)

“My first retreat, it is been a human experience and spectacular knowledge” Mireia, Barcelona (Menorca August 2017)

“Four days full of positive energy. Perfect group, diverse and full of love. I leave here very grateful. A thousand times recommended” Stefy, Mallorca (Menorca July 2017)

“I took part in the Yoga Retreat in Ibiza with Laura and Diego and it turned out to be the best holiday of my life. Laura is an amazing yoga teacher: her passion and professionalism transpire at all times. Although I had been practicing yoga for many years, the classes during the retreat opened me in new ways. Diego cooked for us divine vegetarian food filled with love and incredible energy. Both of them showed so much care and love that it felt like being carried in God’s arms. Everything was very authentic and taken care to the detail. I highly recommend it!” Gabriela, Barcelona (Ibiza June 2017)

“It was just all around perfect and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate. I learned a lot and it motivated me very much. It is beautiful to see every element in you, Laura, you are fire, you are flying, down to earth, express your passion, your emotion, which relates to the element water, you are just a good spirit and it made me happy every day to see your smile” Simone, Germany (Ibiza June 2017)

Laura organizes fantastic retreats and teach yoga sessions that nourish your body and you soul!! Thank you so much, Laura!! Sonia, Barcelona (Ibiza June 2017)

“It has been an unforgettable experience !!! Laura and Diego are a wonderful team, it shows that there is a lot of love in what they do and that they transmit to those we have been in. I have come back home renewed and with loaded batteries. Thank you for this great week on your island” Dunja, Barcelona (Ibiza June 2017)

“I participated in Ibiza June’s retreat and it was a great decision. The experience was incredible: Laura not only is a great and kind person, but she is a great teacher: she explains everything with patience and clarity so that postures become better, she helps you and encourages you, and the class just flows. We always came out with a smile, like floating in a cloud. Casa Solara is an amazing place and Diego’s meals are the perfect complement to enjoy this experience. I would definitely recommend it 100%” Marta, Barcelona (Ibiza June 2017)

“In my opinion, the timing was very good, with a good balance between activities and free time, and with interesting, varied and well-guided content. In short, really, a great gift that I keep in my heart. Congratulations to the team for their generosity” Fèlix, Menorca (Easter 2017)

“The first retreat I attend, it has been unforgettable! It has been a pleasure to share these days with the whole group !! I will repeat for sure !! Thank you very much!!! Anna, Barcelona (Easter 2017)

“I can not find words to express how I feel after share these days with all of you. It was a challenge for me to live with so many unknown people and I am very proud of having done it. I was very scared but it was worth it! I felt super accompanied, super comfortable, very cared for and protected by all of you… thank you so much for making me see that there are wonderful people everywhere” Anna Maria, Barcelona (Easter 2017)

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