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Hello! We are Laura and Diego, life partners and founders of Inspira Yoga Holidays and Yoga Retreats project.

The project was born because we feel that there is a great need to disconnect from the cities, from noise, from external stimuli, and connect again with simple things, with nature, with the body, with people, with high vibrations. We feel that many people need quality time, to dedicate it to themselves and share it with others.

So we got down to work to shape our dream: to design conscious holidays proposals, to enjoy ourselves, to do yoga and meditation, to rest, to breathe, to be in nature, to meet new people, to eat healthy… to find the well-being, the calmness and the necessary connection to come back home with charged batteries, with another attitude and a different brightness…

Upcoming Holidays and Yoga Retreats 2019

Check out the next holidays and yoga retreats, meditation, nature, delicious food and friends … and start dreaming!

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How are our holidays and yoga retreats like?

This is what you will find in our vacations and yoga retreats:


Yoga is our lifestyle. We are yoga lovers and believe in yoga as an ancestral method of physical, mental and emotional exploration. To live life fully, more opened, joyful, healthy… the list of benefits is so long…

We practice different yoga styles. In the morning we wake up with Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, dynamic and fluid yoga style where we connect the breath with movement and cultivate strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and physical integrity. It is a demanding yoga that combines perfectly with the evening practice, more gentle and meditative.

Yin yoga is a passive yoga that seeks to relax and stretch the tissues, create space and unlock energies. Subtle yoga has an energetic approach that awakens consciousness in the chakras and in union with the whole. Restorative yoga allows us to rest, release and renew physically and mentally. Yoga in pairs brings us closer to ourselves from the connection with the partner.

We also offer different workshops to deepen your practice: asana techniques (standing postures, backbendings, forward bendings, inverted postures…), breathing workshop, deep relaxation workshop, Sun Salutations workshop, asana attitude workshop, etc…

The yoga we offer is suitable for all levels and conditions. New practitioners can find the necessary impulse to introduce the habit into their daily life (we would love it!); Occasional practitioners will face the challenge and pleasure of daily practice; the everyday yogis will be able to continue their daily routine also in their vacations, integrating new experiences in their path of personal growth.


Silence is essential to achieve a state of consciousness, relaxation and inner peace. We meditate fundamentally on the breath, the body sensations and with visualizations and mental projections. The meditations are guided and can be in a sitting, lying or moving position. Before or after yoga practice, on the mat or outdoors, watching the sunrise or sunset, or walking through the forest. We use different mindful group dynamics.


Stepping the land with bare feet, taking a bath in the sea, feeling the sun and the breeze on the skin, smelling the flowers, listening to the birds, contemplating the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset… to be in contact with nature is healing and restorative, it is pure food for the senses and for the soul. For our retreats we choose destinations in the middle of nature, close to the sea or to the mountains, natural parks, magical and quiet places to go for a walk, make excursions or simply read a good book in a hammock under a tree.

This year we are going to Cabo de Gata (Almería) in Christmas, to la Garrotxa natural park (Girona, Catalonia) at Easter, to Ibiza in July, to Menorca in August, to Sierra de Gredos (Ávila) in October and to Hostalric (Girona, Catalonia) in Desember.

Vegetarian food

One of the things that make us feel so good in yoga retreats is the food. Eating healthy helps us to detoxify the body and to strengthen our yoga and meditation practice. The body feels lighter and the mind clearer. Our cuisine is based on a vegetarian diet, nutritious, tasty and creative, cooked with seasonal foods and, whenever possible, organic and local. The result are careful and delicious dishes, rich in colours, flavours and textures, which will surprise both vegetarians and omnivores.

Family atmosphere

In our retreats we put all our heart to make you feel at home and as one more of a small big family. We share intense moments, practice and leisure time, talks and silences, hugs and complicity… and lots of laughs! It is amazing to see how people become friends and in many cases they continue the relation after the retreat. Joy and good mood, closeness, family atmosphere, healthy, inspiring and funny.

Groups are not too big because we want everyone to feel well cared in their particular needs.

We also like to choose accommodations with good energy and with all the services and amenities to everybody feel very comfortable. Without great luxuries, but with everything you need to live a comfortable and careful experience. The rooms are shared with few people (most of the time only two people) and without bunk beds. When possible, with a bathroom in the same room. The yoga rooms are spacious and bright. The shared areas and gardens are cozy and quiet.

We want your vacations to be an unforgettable experience. They could become one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences of your life.

Are you in?

With love, gratitude and dedication,

Laura & Diego

«I go to nature to find calm and healing, and put my senses back in tune.» John Burroughs

The team

One autumn day the universe decided to join the ways of a city girl and a village boy, a yoga lover and a kitchen artist, two free and awakened souls with the same vision: offering quality time to people during their vacations and free time, to practice yoga, meditate, breathe, relax, stay in nature and share the experience with new people.

Laura is a Vinyasa and Yin Yoga instructor, formed in Barcelona and India, certified IYF and Yoga Alliance, and based in Ibiza. She teaches fluid and rhythmic classes, energetic and intense, soft and loving, suggesting sequences which prepare the body to enter into a deep connection between breath and movement, between body and mind. She encourages each one to explore her own potential and rediscover strength, flexibility, space and inner balance. Laura guides all yoga and meditation activities.

Diego studied Hotel Management at the “Escuela de Hostelería de Aragón”. He is not involved in professional cooking, but as a passion. Diego will delight our stomachs and souls with his creative dishes of original shapes, colors and flavors. Vegetarian and delicious food, made and served with the most important ingredient, love.

We both bring our knowledge and passions with humility, dedication and much love.

Photo Gallery

Check out the photo gallery  of the last retreats


«I took part in the Easter retreat and for me it was a very nice experience, because I had never managed to get close inside in such a special way, thanks to the activities and classes I managed to connect more with my body and my spirit. Thank you very much, Laura !! María Angélica, Valencia (Easter 2018)

«Deep gratitude to Laura for her generosity, her know-how and her humility.» Maria, Palafrugell (Easter 2018)

«The organization was very good, the program was perfect, active but also giving space to meditate, talk and meet people, etc. Also the structure of the practices was quite good… variety and for me many new knowledge and experiences. In general very positive indeed and I felt that personally it has made me grow. I really liked Laura’s work, she has transmitted the knowledge and practices very calmly, clearly, always humble and with a smile. Mariana, Barcelona (Easter 2018)

«I attended the Christmas Retreat 2018 with Laura and Diego, and the experience was wonderful from beginning to end. The place, the group, the classes, the food, the activities, everything helped to spend a few days very relaxing so I could clear my mind completely. Laura’s classes are a gift for the body and for the soul; In a sweet and soft way, she guides you to advanced positions, always respecting the limits of each one. Both morning and afternoon classes left me with a sweet feeling of fullness, a delight. And what to say about the banquets Diego made? A pleasure for the senses and the palate, the dishes were a delight for the eyes. I am intolerant to gluten, and Diego always had the delicacy of making a gluten-free version, thus increasing his workload, already immense, because we were a large group. My deepest gratitude for it, Diego! Both put a great love in what they do, and it shows in the details, and in the magic that was created in the group from the beginning. Thank you very much for your work, we will meet again without any doubt!» Laura, Madrid (Cabo de Gata January 2018)

«Laura and Diego are pure love and passion, their classes and their cooking. One of the best retreats I’ve been. Thank you! «Arianne, Lisbon (Cabo de Gata January 2018)

«Cabo de Gata retreat has been wonderful to start the year; surrounded by great people and in perfect harmony; in a quiet and beautiful natural space; taking care of ourselves thanks to the wonderful yoga sessions, more dynamic in the mornings and softer in the afternoons; thanks to the always exquisite driving of Laura’s classes and Diego’s excellent culinary work. You both make a great couple and a wonderful team. Thank you!! Miguel, Ibiza (Cabo de Gata January 2018)

«Laura, Diego, thank you very much for everything. When I remember the days I spent with you, I get excited» Salva, Sevilla (Cabo de Gata January 2018)

«Unforgettable experience to start the year with new energy, surrounded by fellow-friends and guided by the amazing teacher Laura» Lourdes, Ibiza (Cabo de Gata January 2018)

“The retreat has far exceeded my expectations. You are a great team, in all the senses, all very charming and caring. Amazing yoga classes, very complete, dynamic and different from each other. The food was spectacular, delicious and abundant. Highly recommended!” Olatz, Bilbao (Ibiza September 2017)

“Laura is a lovely woman and an excellent teacher, I have learned a lot these days with her teachings, all prepared with detail and very good sequences. Diego is an exceptional chef and his culinary creations have added joy and pleasure to these days. Highly recommended experience” Giorgia, Barcelona (Ibiza September 2017)

“Feeling pampered, cared and loved, has no price, and in this retreat I have felt it. We all leave with the feeling of having created a new little family. Thanks Laura and Diego for putting all the ingredients to make it so” Mateo, Zaragoza (Ibiza September 2017)

“Diego and Laura demonstrate a great dedication and they do everything from the heart and with lots of love. Pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, very “cool athmosphere”. 100% recommended experience” Mónica, Barcelona (Ibiza September 2017)

«I spent very nice days sharing a lot of new experiences, super intense and enriching. I came back home with charged batteries. With no doubt it is an experience to repeat» Sandra, Zaragoza (Menorca August 2017)

«My first retreat, it is been a human experience and spectacular knowledge» Mireia, Barcelona (Menorca August 2017)

«Four days full of positive energy. Perfect group, diverse and full of love. I leave here very grateful. A thousand times recommended» Stefy, Mallorca (Menorca July 2017)

“I took part in the Yoga Retreat in Ibiza with Laura and Diego and it turned out to be the best holiday of my life. Laura is an amazing yoga teacher: her passion and professionalism transpire at all times. Although I had been practicing yoga for many years, the classes during the retreat opened me in new ways. Diego cooked for us divine vegetarian food filled with love and incredible energy. Both of them showed so much care and love that it felt like being carried in God’s arms. Everything was very authentic and taken care to the detail. I highly recommend it!” Gabriela, Barcelona (Ibiza June 2017)

“It was just all around perfect and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate. I learned a lot and it motivated me very much. It is beautiful to see every element in you, Laura, you are fire, you are flying, down to earth, express your passion, your emotion, which relates to the element water, you are just a good spirit and it made me happy every day to see your smile” Simone, Germany (Ibiza June 2017)

Laura organizes fantastic retreats and teach yoga sessions that nourish your body and you soul!! Thank you so much, Laura!! Sonia, Barcelona (Ibiza June 2017)

“It has been an unforgettable experience !!! Laura and Diego are a wonderful team, it shows that there is a lot of love in what they do and that they transmit to those we have been in. I have come back home renewed and with loaded batteries. Thank you for this great week on your island” Dunja, Barcelona (Ibiza June 2017)

“I participated in Ibiza June’s retreat and it was a great decision. The experience was incredible: Laura not only is a great and kind person, but she is a great teacher: she explains everything with patience and clarity so that postures become better, she helps you and encourages you, and the class just flows. We always came out with a smile, like floating in a cloud. Casa Solara is an amazing place and Diego’s meals are the perfect complement to enjoy this experience. I would definitely recommend it 100%” Marta, Barcelona (Ibiza June 2017)

«In my opinion, the timing was very good, with a good balance between activities and free time, and with interesting, varied and well-guided content. In short, really, a great gift that I keep in my heart. Congratulations to the team for their generosity» Fèlix, Menorca (Easter 2017)

«The first retreat I attend, it has been unforgettable! It has been a pleasure to share these days with the whole group !! I will repeat for sure !! Thank you very much!!! Anna, Barcelona (Easter 2017)

«I can not find words to express how I feel after share these days with all of you. It was a challenge for me to live with so many unknown people and I am very proud of having done it. I was very scared but it was worth it! I felt super accompanied, super comfortable, very cared for and protected by all of you… thank you so much for making me see that there are wonderful people everywhere» Anna Maria, Barcelona (Easter 2017)

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